‘Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris’ Statue Available For Pre-Order

Tomb Raider fans can now pre-order a statue of Lara Croft, modeled after her appearance from 2014’s Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the second co-op spin-off title featuring the famous archaeologist. Following after Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Osiris again favors isometric level design over the open environments of the core series. For the first time in the Tomb Raider franchise, up to four players can participate in a co-op story; Lara and rival treasure-hunter Carter Bell join forces with two imprisoned Egyptian gods, on a quest to defeat the vengeful god Set, and the supernatural forces of the Underworld.  Temple of Osiris is also the first Tomb Raider-related title to release as a next-gen and PC exclusive.

From the makers of the “Kratos” bust and the “Shrine of Azura” statue, Gaming Heads is now offering a Lara Croft statue based on her Temple of Osiris appearance. The pistol-wielding treasure hunter has been through several aesthetic and cosmetic changes over the past two decades; her appearance in Temple of Osiris is based on her original Tomb Raider and Anniversary outfit- the blue tank-top and shorts with the twin-holsters.

The “Lara Croft Temple of Osiris” statue highlights the titular character in a dynamic pose leaping from a rock, with both pistols drawn. Standing at 18″ tall, each statue is cast from polystone resin, with the finer details crafted by hand; all units have hand-numbered bases, and a validation card that allows the buyer to purchase the same number unit of the next statue in Gaming Heads’s Tomb Raider collectible series. The alternative “Exclusive” edition also features the “Staff of Osiris”, which can be attached to Lara’s back:

The “Lara Croft Temple of Osiris” statue can be pre-ordered through Gaming Heads for $339.99, with the Exclusive version listed at $359.99. Both statues will be in limited supply, with production set at 1000 and 500 units worldwide. The Lara Croft statue is expected to begin shipping in Q1 2016.

Source: Gaming Heads
Images courtesy of Gaming Heads, Eidos, Square Enix

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