‘God Of War’ “Kratos On Throne” Statue Available For Pre-Order

Gaming Heads has yet another God of War collectible item, this time featuring the Spartan warrior on the throne of Ares.

As their name suggests, Gaming Heads is a manufacturer of highly-detailed, almost lifelike busts and collector-grade statues of video game icons. Some of their highlights include two busts of Kratos, the Shrine of Azura, and a 20″ statue of Lara Croft.

With the 10th Anniversary of the God of War franchise happening this year, Gaming Heads recently revealed the “Kratos on Throne” statue, currently available for pre-order. Standing at 29″ tall, the statue depicts the original God of War‘s ending scene, with Kratos sitting on the throne of Ares. Each statue is hand-painted and cast from polystone resin. Two versions are available for pre-order, though both are extremely limited: The normal edition is limited to 1250 units worldwide, and features a bare-chested Kratos; an “Exclusive” version is also available for $20 more, with Kratos in Ares’s armor, though only 500 units will be manufactured.

The God of War “Kratos on Throne” statue is expected to release in Q4 2015, and can be pre-ordered through the Gaming Heads website for $479.99; the “Exclusive” edition is available for pre-order at $499.99.

Source: Gaming Heads
Images courtesy of Sony Santa Monica, Gaming Heads

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