‘Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late’ Arrives On PC This Month

From Arc System Works, Soft Circle French Bread  and Ecole Software, the former Sony-exclusive Fighter heads to Steam next week.

Under Night In-Birth released exclusively to Japanese audiences in September 2012. The title received an eventual update two years later, however North American audiences wouldn’t see Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late until early 2015 as a PS3-exclusive title. Set during the incredibly convoluted events of the “Hollow Night”, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late is a ground-based Fighter featuring an eclectic cast of characters imbued with magic, deity-summoning and other supernatural abilities. Aggressive players are rewarded not just through the standard special meter, but also through the shared Grind Grid, or GRD. Indicated by a series of rectangles with a shared ring at the bottom-center of the screen, the GRD will fill every attack, however each player can charge his or her side manually. If the circle in the center of the GRD is complete, the player with more squares highlighted in the GRD can enter Vorpal State, granting him or her 10% additional attack damage, and the abilities to cancel attacks and automatically fill a portion of their special meter.

A second update, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] released in Japanese arcades last summer, complete with updated mechanics and new characters, however the title has yet to grace consoles in neither Japan nor North America.

Though UNIEL fans are still waiting for Exe:Late[st] to jump from the arcade to console, Arc System Works is bringing Exe:Late to PC this month through Steam. The Steam release will include local and online play featuring casual and ranked matches, online leaderboards, all characters from the PS3 release, and support for Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late will release for PC via Steam on 7/12.

Source: Steam
Image courtesy of Arc System Works, Soft Circle French Bread, Ecole Software

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