‘Berserk’ Gets First Gameplay Teaser, Coming This September

After their endeavors with Attack on Titan, Omega Force is diving into the violent world of Berserk.

Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force announced during E3 2016 that a new title based on the Berserk manga and anime series was in development. Though Berserk will not be a Warriors title, the game will feature the same horde-based 1-vs-100 “Musou” gameplay found in the likes of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors.

According to Berserk publisher Koei Tecmo, players will control franchise protagonist Guts in a violent trip through the Berserk lore; the game promises more blood and gore than its spiritual counterparts, the Warriors games. For those familiar with the series, Berserk will extend from the “Golden Age Arc” to the “Millennium Falcon Arc”; several scenes from the anime, manga and film will be recreated using the in-game 3D models similar to those found in Omega Force’s Attack on Titan. Additional characters and cameos have not been revealed, however Berserk will include voice talents from the film and anime series to reprise their roles in the game.

Berserk will release for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on 9/21. North American release dates have not been confirmed, however the game will arrive overseas for the PS4, PS Vita and PC on a later date.

Source: Koei Tecmo
Images courtesy of Koei Tecmo, Omega Force

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