‘MGSV: The Phantom Pain’ “Venom Snake” Statue Revealed

Gecco’s latest collectible in their Metal Gear Solid V series, the 1/6th scale Venom Snake statue arrives this November.

Japanese collectible manufacturer Gecco recently unveiled a new collector’s statue depicting MGSV protagonist Venom Snake. Now with the title “Venom”, Snake wakes up from a 9-year coma covered in scars and missing a limb¬†from the devastating Mother Base attack from Cipher’s XOF unit in MGSV: Ground Zeroes. The newly resurrected Snake joins Kazuhira Miller and “Ocelot” in establishing a new Mother Base and exacting revenge on Cipher, XOF and their leader, “Skull Face”.

Scheduled to arrive sometime this Fall, Gecco’s 1/6th scale Venom Snake statue stands at 32cm/12.6in from the base to the crest of Snake’s head. While the collectible itself is pre-painted, all of the fine details in Venom Snake’s skin such as the wrinkles and scars have all been textured by hand; the belt, water bottle and other small assets have also been individually hand-sculpted. Though he may sport various uniforms and suits throughout Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Gecco’s statue depicts Snake in his initial Desert gear with a removable scarf, standing atop a base inspired by the Aabe Shifap Ruins area of Afghanistan.

The MGSV: The Phantom Pain 1/6th scale Venom Snake statue is currently available to pre-order through Mamegyorai. Play-Asia, D4 Toys and other retailers will begin taking pre-orders on a later date, with prices ranging between $270-330. Those who purchase both Gecco’s Quiet statue and the upcoming Venom Snake will also receive a free D-Dog collectible statue.¬†Units will begin shipping in late-Oct/Early Nov.

Source: Gecco Corp
Images courtesy of Gecco Corp, Konami, Kojima Productions

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