‘Fallout Shelter’ PC Version And Update 1.6 Release This Week

Formerly the most-downloaded mobile app of all time, Fallout Shelter arrives on PC just in time for the weekend.

Bethesda surprised audiences during their E3 2015 conference with the announcement- and simultaneous release- of Fallout Shelter. The free-to-play title allowed Fallout fans to create and micromanage their very own Vault apocalypse shelter, and the citizens within.apocalypse-dwellers within. Taking a few pages from EA’s The Sims franchise, players could assign roles to Vault-dwellers, raise families, and fortify their Vault’s defenses from Raider attacks and other dangers of the post-apocalypse. Fallout Shelter surpassed the likes of Snapchat and Instagram to become the most-downloaded mobile app of all-time on both Android and iOS, until the recent North American release of Pokemon GO.

Bethesda recently began counting down the release date for the PC version of Fallout Shelter through Twitter. According to Bethesda’s official forums, the PC version will release exclusively through the developer’s website as a free download. The awaited Update 1.6 will release the same day for both the PC and mobile versions, adding new enemies and locations, and tweaks for the current combat system.

Fallout Shelter will be available for PC as a free download through Bethesda on 7/14.

Source: Bethesda
Image courtesy of Bethesda

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