‘Dead Rising 4’ Coming In December, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Get in the Christmas spirit with Frank West and the zombie apocalypse of Dead Rising 4.

The latest chapter of Capcom’s offbeat zombie franchise, Dead Rising 4 was officially revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2016 presentation. Set to arrive this holiday season, Dead Rising 4 is a remake of the first game, starring photographer Frank West as he tries to survive the overwhelming return of the undead. The upcoming installment continues the franchise’s wacky trademark of allowing players to combine and weaponize just about any object in the game; like the 2006 series debut, the remake thrusts players into a shopping mall loaded with all kinds of unorthodox zombie-slaying toys.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that Dead Rising 4 will release in early December in both physical and digital formats. As with most new releases, a handful of outlets are offering exclusive pre-order bonuses, all of which are additional in-game items that can be unlocked through game progression. The pre-order DLC bonuses are as follows:

  • Amazon: Slicecycle, weaponized motorcycle with chainsaws on either side
  • Best Buy: Candy Cane Crossbow, ranged weapon that shoots candy canes
  • GameStop: Steampunk Snowman Head, shoots snowballs that freeze enemies on contact

Additional retail exclusives have not been revealed, however other outlets- including international retailers- may feature their own pre-order bonuses on a later date. A Season Pass will also be available to purchase on a later date, allowing owners to gain access to presumably all future DLC.

Dead Rising 4 will release for Xbox One and PC through the Windows 10 Store on 12/6.

Source: Microsoft
Images courtesy of Microsoft, Capcom

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