‘Nier: Automata’ Coming To Steam Next Year

The upcoming Nier sequel from Platinum Games is the latest game to drop PS4 exclusivity for a PC release.

Nier originally released in 2010 as a canonical spin-off to the Drakengard series. Set 1,000 years after the fifth ending from the original Drakengard, players assume the role of Nier, a man attempting to find a cure for his daughter’s illness, and understand the origin of the monstrous Shade creatures that roam the world. Nier received an alternate version in Japan- “Nier Replicant”- where the titular character is a teenager rather than a middle-aged father.

From the team behind Metal Gear Rising, Transformers: Devastation and the Bayonetta games, Platinum Games is currently working on a new Nier title- Nier: Automata. The second game in the Nier franchise is a spin-off [of a spin-off] set after the fourth ending from Nier, featuring combat androids 2B, 9S and Prototype A2. Automata will have no story ties to the previous game, apart from reoccurring characters and offhand mentions of characters from both Nier and Drakengard 3. Keeping in line with the Platinum Games charm, Nier: Automata will deviate from Nier‘s RPG-centric gameplay, focusing more on intense action akin to that found in other Platinum titles.

Earlier today during Gamescom 2016, Automata publisher Square Enix revealed the title to no longer be a PS4-exclusive. Nier: Automata will now release digitally for PC alongside its console counterpart next year through Steam. Nier: Automata is the latest in a series of Japanese Sony-exclusive games to release on PC, after Fighters Blade Arceus From Shining EX, Koihime Enbu and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-.

An official release date has not been announced, however Nier: Automata will now release for both PS4 and PC in early 2017.

Source: Square Enix
Image courtesy of Platinum Games, Square Enix

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