New ‘Cuphead’ Video Features Additional Boss Gameplay

More footage of the 1930’s run-and-gun Cuphead surfaces online courtesy of Polygon.

Announced roughly three¬†years ago, Cuphead is an upcoming hybrid Platformer/Shoot-Em-Up from developer Studio MDHR. The title features hand-drawn and inked animation, and a live big band style soundtrack to mimic the cartoons of the late 1930’s through the early 60’s. Players assume the role of either Cuphead or Mugman- or both in Co-Op- in a frantic adventure through side-scrolling levels and intense Bullet Hell inspired boss fights.

Official trailers are sparse, though¬†the latest Cuphead gameplay footage stems from Polygon. The short video features Co-Op gameplay with Cuphead and Mugman, fighting against three bosses, two of which have not been shown in previous demos. The new clip also gives audiences an extended look at Pork Rind’s item shop, and the Contra-esque control scheme.

An official release date has not been given, however Cuphead is still expected to release for Xbox One and PC in “1936 + 80 years“.

Source: Polygon
Image courtesy of Studio MDHR

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