‘Zelda’ Escape Room Tour Coming To The US Next Year

Nintendo and SCRAP have prepared a challenge for master Zelda fans and puzzle-fanatics alike with the “Defenders of the Triforce” Real Escape Game.

Nintendo and Japanese escape room creator SCRAP recently announced a new US challenge tour based on the famed The Legend of Zelda franchise. “Real Escape Game: Defenders of the Triforce” traps 6-8 players in a large room filled with relics and characters from the series, tasked with solving puzzles and physical riddles hidden throughout the room. Unlike traditional escape room challenges, Defenders of the Triforce is a story-driven experience with an active narrator pushing teams forward through the game. No previous knowledge of the Zelda series is required to complete the challenge room, however the entire experience is presented in English; for those who fail to complete the game, a full walkthrough is given at the end of the hour-long¬†event. Fans are allowed to cosplay as their favorite Zelda characters and take photos of the Defenders of the Triforce room, but SCRAP asks that attendees do not share solution photos online.

Tickets are already sold out for the first four locations, however the current schedule is as follows:

  • San Francisco, CA: Jan. 31-Feb. 5
  • Los Angeles, CA: Feb. 10-Feb. 12
  • Phoenix, AZ: Feb. 15-Feb. 17
  • San Diego, CA: Feb. 24-Feb. 25
  • Seattle, WA: TBD on 1/3/2017
  • Chicago, IL: TBD on 1/3/2017
  • Houston, TX: TBD on 1/3/2017
  • New York, NY: TBD on 1/3/2017

Tickets have not gone on sale for the final four locations, however those who purchased tickets for the California and Arizona events had the option of choosing between a Standard and Premium pass; both include a promotional Defenders of the Triforce poster, with the latter also including two gold Zelda coins.

An “Escape Room Challenge” is a party-event for groups of 6-8 people- and the occasional 1,000 with stadium events- where the group must solve physical puzzles and riddles hidden throughout a themed room or environment; everything can be interacted with, as seemingly meaningless items may hide clues, or levers and other mechanisms that might affect the area.

More info can be found at the official Defenders of the Triforce website. SCRAP has previously hosted challenges based on the Attack on Titan and Zero Escape franchises.

Source: SCRAP
Image courtesy of SCRAP, Nintendo 

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