‘Mortal Kombat’ 1/3 Scale “Kitana” Coming This February

The third Mortal Kombat 1/3 scale collectible from Pop Culture Shock is now available for pre-order.

While their products may be outside the budget of many, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is responsible for producing some of the most detailed, museum-quality collectibles on the market. Their catalog of statues and busts span across comics, video games and movies, including the likes of Masters of the Universe, Judge Dredd, DC Comics, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

Originally scheduled to open this morning, Pop Culture Shock began taking pre-orders Friday afternoon for their latest 1/3 scale statue- Mortal Kombat‘s Kitana. Kitana is one of the longest-running characters of the Mortal Kombat franchise, appearing in every main title and media spin-off (i.e. movies, cartoons, etc.) since the franchise’s debut in 1992. Rather than her traditional blue leotard or MKX‘s royal “Tournament” costume, the statue depicts Katana wearing her default costume as shown in 2011’s Mortal Kombat [9]. Standing at 67cm/36.4in tall (71.1cm/30in with the base), PCS’s “mixed media” statue  features real fabric and an alternate set of bloody fans and an unmasked Kitana head (not shown below).

The 1/3 scale Mortal Kombat Kitana statue can be pre-ordered directly from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles either through a payment plan or pre-release discounted price of $629.99; if units are still available at launch, interested buyers must pay the full price of $699.99.

As with most collectibles from PCS, this is an extremely-limited piece, with only 300 units available for purchase. Statues are expected to ship on 2/27/17.

Source: Pop Culture Shock Collectibles
Images courtesy of PCPS, WB Games, Netherrealm Studios

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