‘Disastr_Blastr’, ‘Trouble Witches’ Now Available On Steam

Two of XBLA’s Shoot-Em-Ups are now ready to challenge a new audience of PC gamers on Steam.

From the vast archives of the Xbox Live Marketplace, shooters Disastr_Blastr and Trouble Witches have finally come to PC through Steam. Released in 2015 from developer Dog Theory Games, Disastr_Blastr is a minimalist twin-stick shooter where players must guide a block through 8 harrowing worlds. With each completed level, players unlock the adjacent sections of the Level Select grid, granting them moderate non-linear progression through the game; a gauntlet of over 100 levels are ready to test the player’s twin-stick skills, with a plethora of different enemy types and levels featuring auto-scrolling environments, hidden items, intense boss stages and more. Apart from an assortment of brand new PC-exclusive weapons and power-ups, the PC version includes support for resolutions up to 1080p and allows players to actively toggle between Windowed and Fullscreen in-game. (Note: Disastr_Blastr is compatible with higher resolutions exceeding 1080p, as personally tested with my Razer Blade.)

9 years after its original Japanese arcade debut, an English version of the original Trouble Witches is finally available for PC. Developed by Studio SiestA, Trouble Witches is a “Cute-Em-Up” Bullet-Hell Shooter with three playable characters, each capable of wielding a “Magic Barrier” that slows and transforms bullets into coins. An enhanced version- Trouble Witches NEO!– saw an XBLA release in 2011 under publisher SNK Playmore, however the title has since been pulled from the Live Marketplace. Yesterday however, publisher Rocket Engine finally brought the original version to PC as “Trouble Witches Origin: Episode 1 -Daughters of Amalgam-“. The updated PC release adds a fourth playable character and an eventual Challenge Mode to be released via DLC. Origin retains its original voice acting from the 2007 Japanese release, however the title includes English subtitles.

Both Disastr_Blastr and Trouble Witches Origin can be purchased through Steam (Windows only) for $4.99 and $9.99.

Image courtesy of Dog Theory Games

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