‘Mortal Kombat’ Life-Size “Scorpion” Bust Coming Early 2018

PCS has yet another new collectible for the ultimate Mortal Kombat fan- a full-size bust of poster-character Scorpion.

The Mortal Kombat saga features over 50 warriors of different disciplines all locked in a fight to ensure the safety of their realms. Numerous characters failed to withstand the test of time- technically no one survives past Mortal Kombat: Armageddon [before MK9 rewrote the timeline]- however no two characters are more memorable than the eternal rivals Bi Han and Hanzo Hasashi- Sub Zero and Scorpion. Essentially the poster-children of the Mortal Kombat franchise, the two ninjas of fire and ice have been locked in an eternal battle that continues even in death .

Following their previous endeavors with Kitana and Milena statues and a life-sized Sub Zero bust, collectible manufacturer Pop Culture Shock is now offering a life-sized Scorpion bust scheduled to release in early 2018. The replica of the former Hanzo Hasashi is modeled after his latest Hellfire hood and golden mask iteration from Mortal Kombat X. Standing at approximately 78cm/31″ tall from the base to the crest of Scorpion’s hood, each bust is individually hand-painted and weighs an estimated 30lbs/13.5kg. Embedded LED lights within the bust itself help to accent Scorpion’s intense pupil-less stare.

The Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Mortal Kombat X Life Size Scorpion bust will be available to pre-order starting Monday 1/9 at 3pm PST. Once the store page is officially live, die-hard Mortal Kombat fans have the option of pre-ordering the figure in full at a discounted price of $839.99 (actual list price $1,049.99) or through a monthly payment plan. Only 175 units will be manufactured, with shipping expected to begin in January 2018.

Source: Pop Culture Shock Collectibles
Images courtesy of PCS, Netherrealm Studios, WB Games

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