‘Just Cause 3’ Multiplayer Mod Now Live

“Nanos JC3:MP” is finally ready to bring multiplayer mayhem into Medici.

The Just Cause trilogy thrives on its ability to let players cause as much destruction and chaos across each game’s region as they please- “Chaos” itself is part of the saga’s destruction-combo mechanics. The latter introductions of dual-grappling-hooks and a wing-suit took things to the extreme, allowing players to perform such absurd feats as tethering explosives to a wind generator, then attaching themselves to the debris for use as a speedy slingshot into the wingsuit…

…Again, “Chaos” is an actual mechanic.

For such an exciting sandbox series, Just Cause still lacks a proper multiplayer mode. Fortunately the PC modding community came to the rescue of Just Cause 2 with a multiplayer mod, and they’ve done it again with a brand new multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3. A multiplayer mod was in-development by the team behind Just Cause 2‘s add-on,  but progress was cancelled after the lead programmer joined Avalanche Studios in July 2016. Modding team Nanos stepped in to provide Just Cause 3‘s PC community with a new mod in its place, titled “Nanos JC3:MP”; Nanos’s earlier projects include the multiplayer mods for Mafia III and GTAV prior to the official release of GTA Online.

Once installed and calibrated, Nanos JC3:MP users can enter servers with support for “hundreds of players” in live cooperative and competitive play. Players have the option of competing in races, creating their own unique game modes, or just simply causing mayhem across Medici.

The Just Cause 3 multiplayer PC mod can be downloaded from Nanos’s community hub.

Source: Nanos GBR
Image courtesy of Avalanche Studios, Square Enix

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