‘Fire Emblem Fates’ “Camilla” Statue Coming This Fall

The protective older sister of Corrin, Camilla gets a 1/7 scale statue expected to release early this Fall.

Titled “Fire Emblem IF” in Japan, Fire Emblem Fates is the latest chapter of the long-running Tactical/Strategy RPG series from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. The fourteenth installment, Fates is the first title in the saga to be split between two games- Fates: Conquest and Fates: Birthright- both of which focus on either the glory-driven or peace-seeking kingdoms of Nohr or Hoshido. The chosen kingdom would also affect the overall difficulty of Fates; the Hoshido path is designed for those familiar with Fire Emblem: Awakening and its ability to train characters off the battlefield, though the Nohr route features less income, lower experience rewards, and requires more attack diversity to achieve victory. Fire Emblem Fates was also the first game in the saga to allow players to choose either a boy or girl as the main protagonist, known as the Avatar- “Corrin” if they stick with the default name.

Intelligent Systems themselves are now offering Fire Emblem fans a chance to own a collectible statue based on Camilla of Fates fame. Camilla appears in both versions of Fire Emblem Fates as the second-oldest of the Nohrian royal siblings, serving as the overprotective maternal self-proclaimed guardian of Corrin. Her motherly nature is quickly discarded on the battlefield, as she finds great joy in recklessly destroying her enemies, only showing mercy at the command of Corrin.

The 1/7 scale Camilla statue is sculpted from PVC and ABS and stands at approximately 28.5cm/11.2in from the base to the crest of her head. Sculpted and designed by revered collectible artist “Hiro”, the statue depicts Camilla’s elegance while reminding fans of her warrior nature with her trademark Silver Axe by her side.

Intelligent Systems’s 1/7 scale Fire Emblem Fates Camilla statue can be pre-ordered through Play-Asia and several other online collectible retailers for $146.99 until the pre-order window closes on 1/22. The statue has a tentative shipping date of 9/30.

Source: Play-Asia
Images courtesy of Intelligent Systems, Nintendo

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