‘Saints Row IV’ Gets Official Mod And Steam Workshop Support

Just when Saints Row presumably hits the ceiling of insanity, developer Volition enables Steam Workshop support for the community.

What began as a not-so-subtle competitor to Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row evolved into a not-so-subtle beast of unrivaled¬†insanity. The first chapter of the franchise stars the titular 3rd Street Saints and their rise to power among rival gangs, however each subsequent installment of the series distances itself from the serious nature of its competition: Though still a “grounded” title by the franchise’s standards, Saints Row 2 is best seen as a parody of the Crime genre; Saints Row the Third cranks the dial by placing the Saints within their very own action movie; the Saints are elevated to White House- or “White Crib”- status, only to see the world’s destruction at the hands of aliens in Saints Row IV; the latest installment, the stand-alone expansion Gat out of Hell finds the leader of the Saints and former POTUS trapped in Hell, roped into an arranged marriage with Satan’s daughter.

The next Saints Row may come in the distant future, however developer Volition is giving PC gamers a solid reason to return to Saints Row IV. As of this morning, the Steam release now supports Steam Workshop, enabling users to create and share custom content in a streamlined matter. A creator community previously existed outside of Steam, however the game itself lacked native mod support. With Steam Workshop now enabled, players can browse and install Saints Row IV mods directly through Steam without the hassle of external tools. Steam Workshop features are only available for the Windows version at the moment, however Volition hopes to enable modding options for Linux/SteamOS users in the near future.

Saints Row IV is available for PC, 360 and PS3, with the enhanced “Re-Elected” edition available exclusively for the Xbox One and PS4. To celebrate the occasion, Saints Row IV is currently discounted -75% on Steam.

Source: Volition
Image courtesy of Volition, Deep Silver

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