‘No Man’s Sky’ “Foundation Update 1.1” Now Live

The rumored “big update” for No Man’s Sky is finally here, complete with cargo ships, player-made bases and new gameplay modes.

Though a hacked Twitter account recently sparked controversy, No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games originally broke their radio silence in early October teasing an extensive update due to release later that month. October has clearly passed, however the expansive space-exploration sim finally received the teased update this weekend.

Titled “Foundation Update 1.1”, yesterday’s update marks the first of a series of free content upgrades planned for No Man’s Sky. Foundation Update divides the current game into three new gameplay modes: “Normal Mode” grants players the original unaltered experience where players are driven to discover the center of the universe through the Atlas quests; “Survival Mode” features more aggressive creatures, harsher environments and a severe lack of available resources; akin to the Minecraft mode of the same name, “Creative Mode” lets players infinitely explore the universe and craft items with unlimited resources. Players will now have the ability to claim a home planet and construct a permanent base of operations. Both the interior and exterior can be fully customized; once the player builds a strong connection with an alien race or individual traders, he or she can recruit lifeforms from Space Stations to research new technology at his or her personal base.

The new content update brings a slew of other new items and abilities, including craft-able Save Points and Beacons, permanent Waypoints, automated resource-mining drones and Signal Scanners used to discover long-distances places of interest. Depending on the planetary environment- or if the player constructs a Hydrophonic Lab- resources can be independently grown within the player’s base, or outside if the planetary biome allows. Apart from the previously mentioned base mechanics, constrictive inventory management has also been addressed with the introduction of Freighters. Among the most expensive ships in the game, the new Freighter ships can be deployed at will while in deep space; upon boarding, players can store and transport extra resources, customize the layout within the base customization menu, and recruit and assign more extra-terrestrials to command the ship’s other functions.

Foundation Update 1.1 addresses an extensive amount of bugs, including animation-induced game crashes and progression-halting glitches due to the player’s own speed; a new UI, TAA (“temporal anti-aliasing”) and motion-blur, better “sky-boxes” and planetary atmospheric animations are among the many new visual features added with the new patch. The full list of patch notes can be found on the official No Man’s Sky website.

No Man’s Sky is currently available for PC and PS4.

Source: Hello Games
Image courtesy of Hello Games

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