‘Overwatch’ “Reaper” Statue Coming Next Year

Overwatch‘s black-clad mercenary is next in line to get an exclusive collectible statue from Blizzard.

Arguably the marque character of the game- she’s on the box after all- Tracer was the first of Overwatch‘s heroes to receive their own collectible statue. Blizzard revealed the limited edition statue just months after the title’s announcement, however units quickly sold out within the first two weeks of the pre-order window. This past weekend, Blizzard revealed the next statue in their series of Overwatch collectibles- Reaper. Standing approximately 30cm/12in from the base to the crest of Reaper’s hood, each hand-painted polystone statue depicts Reaper in the middle of his “Death Blossom” Ultimate ability.

Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes was a former Overwatch/Blackwatch elite agent until a coup led to the destruction of the original team. Gabriel resurfaced as the dual-shotgun wielding Reaper, a merciless agent of the Talon group alongside Widowmaker and new character Sombra.

The Overwatch Reaper collectible statue is currently available for pre-order through the official Blizzard store for $150. An official release date is not given, as the collectibles will ship in two waves before the closure of Q1 2017 and Q3 2017. As stated by the official product description, statues may vary slightly in design due to their hand-painted appearance.

Overwatch is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Following the release of healing-sniper Ana, players received their second post-release playable character with Sombra. The elite hacker from terrorist organization Talon, Sombra is armed with several electronic and hacking-focused abilities at her disposal.

Source: Blizzard
Images courtesy of Blizzard

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