‘Pokemon’, ‘Persona’, ‘Mega Man X’ Collectibles Shown At Megahobby Expo 2016

MegaHouse, Hobby Japan, Alter and more brought their upcoming catalog of statues and figures to Megahobby Expo 2016 Autumn this past weekend.

Just one of the many toy enthusiast conventions of Japan, the Fall event of the Megahobby Expo series was held last Friday in the Akihabara district of Tokyo. The event featured recently released, upcoming and prototype collectibles from the likes of Hobby Japan, Alter, Revolve, MegaHouse and more. Though anime figures and statues dominated the event, several new and reissue video game collectibles were shown on the expo floor, including a new X and Zero statue, and collectibles from Persona 5, Yakuza, Pokemon and Senran Kagura. Select collectibles are as follows, with images courtesy of AmiAmi, Megahobby and Moonlit Saki:


  • MegaHouse G.E.M. Series Ash, Pikachu and Charizard Statue (Prototype):

Persona 5:

  • Hobby Japan Amakuni “Ann Takamaki” Kaitou Fuku Ver (Prototype):
  • Hobby Japan “Makoto Niijima” Figure (Announcement):


Mega Man X:

  • Hobby Japan “Zero” Diorama/Statue (Prototype):

Senran Kagura:

  • Hobby Japan Estival Versus “Ryobi” Statue:


Muramasa: The Demon Blade:

  • Hobby Japan Yuzuruha Yukemuri Onsen Zanmai Ver (Prototype);


  • Hobby Japan Amakuni Momohime Statue (Reissue with water droplet detail):


  • Hobby Japan Amakuni Kongiku Statue (Reissue with water droplet detail):




Muramasa The Demon Blade Yuzuruha Alter Statue 1


  • Synapse Yakuza Goro Majima Figure (Prototype):

The majority of shown collectibles are not yet available for purchase, however the selection of Muramasa reissue statues are currently available to pre-order through Play-Asia and AmiAmi.

Sources: AmiAmi, Moonlit Saki, Megahobby
Images courtesy of Moonlit Saki, AmiAmi, Megahobby, Hobby Japan, Synapse, Alter, MegaHouse

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