‘Zelda’, ‘Persona 5’, ‘Pokemon’, ‘Portal’, ‘Odin Sphere’ Collectibles Revealed At Summer Wonder Festival

Good Smile Company, Phat!, FREEing, Aquamarine and more brought a plethora of new gaming collectibles to the latest Wonder Festival toy fair.

Japan’s biennial Wonder Festival is one of the region’s largest toy and collectible showcases, featuring prototypes, new announcements and recently released products from some of the East’s more notable collectible manufacturers. As with the Winter Wonder Festival event held earlier this year, a slew of new game-related figures, statues, Nendoroids and more were present on the show floor.

Hidden amongst their numerous anime collectibles, Aquamarine unveiled their colorized prototype figure of “Caroline and Justine”; Igor’s new Velvet Room assistants in Persona 5, twins Caroline and Justine are depicted wearing their in-game prison-guard inspired uniforms. Two more Persona 5 statues were on display from manufacturer Amakuni; though still in their grayscale prototype phase, both Futaba and Makoto are getting statues of their alternate identities- “Oracle” and “Queen”, with the latter mounted on her Persona, the motorcycle “Johanna”. She wasn’t on display on the show floor, however Amakuni is currently developing a Mai Shiranui collectible modeled after her King of Fighters XIV appearance.

Good Smile Company and their subsidiaries were out in full force with an onslaught of Figma and Nendoroid collectibles not just from anime and manga, but Disney and DC movies, and of course video games. Both robots already have Figma figures, but Good Smile Company is now bringing Portal 2‘s ATLAS and P-Body into their Nendoroid series; both collectibles are shown in the master gallery below, but only ATLAS is colorized and ready for finalization. From The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the “Guardian” enemy will also receive its own collectible Nendoroid. Good Smile Company is adding yet another collectible to its Mega Man series, with the future release of a Zero Nendoroid based on his Mega Man X2 appearance as shown in the official teaser image.

Pokemon are almost always present at Wonder Festival, and this year’s Summer edition is no exception as Trainers and Pokemon themselves are in production across GSC, Max Factory, Kotobukiya and X-PLUS. Kotobukiya’s “Rosa with Snivy” statue is already expected to release this December, however Kotobukiya unveiled the next entry in the ARTFX J Pokemon Series- a 1/8th scale “Hilda with Tepig” statue. The collectible manufacturer also has plans for a┬áTrainer Moon figure; though still in her prototype phase, the Moon figure will include all three starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon as accent pieces.

Trainer Lillie seems to be 2017’s most popular Pokemon Trainer; also from Pokemon Sun and Moon, Lillie collectibles were on display from both Kotobukiya and Megahouse; though not a part of the Summer Wonder Festival, Lillie also has standard and limited edition Nendoroid figures coming sometime in late-November/early-December.

The Phat! collection primarily resided within the realms of Fate/Grand Order, but among their various anime collectibles was a lone figure of Odin Sphere Leifthrasir‘s fairy, Mercedes. Flare also contributed to the Odin Sphere collectibles, displaying both a painted future Gwendolyn figure and a prototype mini-set featuring Velvet. The sole NieR: Automata collectible, Flare’s “2B” figure was also on display, but still in its prototype phase.

Summer Wonder Festival 2017’s complete catalog of gaming collectibles are shown below, categorized by manufacturer. Images are courtesy of their respective manufacturers, Wonder Festival, AmiAmi and Hobby Japan:


  • Caroline and Justine figure, Colorized (Persona 5)


  • Futaba Sakura “Oracle” figure, Prototype (Persona 5)
  • Makoto Nijima “Queen and Johanna” figure, Prototype (Persona 5)
  • Mai Shiranui figure, Prototype (The King of Fighters XIV)

Max Factory:

  • Marie Rose figure, Colorized (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
  • Kasumi Renewal/Reissue figure, Announced (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)


  • Pixie figure, Colorized (Shin Megami Tensei)
  • Angel figure, Prototype (Shin Megami Tensei)


Good Smile Company:

  • ATLAS and P-Body Nendoroids, Colorized and Prototype (Portal 2)
  • Guardian Nendoroid, Prototype (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
  • Zero Nendoroid, Announced (Mega Man X2)
  • Trial Captain Lana Nendoroid, Announced (Pokemon Sun and Moon)


  • ARTFX J Pokemon Series “Hilda with Tepig” figure, Colorized and pictured beside “Rosa with Snivy” (Pokemon Black and White)
  • Trainer Moon figure, Prototype (Pokemon Sun and Moon)
  • Trainer Lillie figure, Colorized (Pokemon Sun and Moon)


  • Mewtwo figure, Colorized (Pokemon)
  • Rayquaza figure, Prototype (Pokemon)


  • Gwendolyn figure, Colorized (Odin Sphere Leifthrasir)
  • Mercedes figure, Colorized (Odin Sphere Leifthrasir)


  • 2B figure, Prototype (NieR: Autotmata)
  • Velvet Mini-Set, Prototype (Odin Sphere Leifthrasir)
Sources: Summer Wonder Festival 2017 (via WHL4U), Good Smile Company, Phat! (via Twitter), Kotobukiya (via Twitter), Aquamarine (via Twitter), Hobby Japan (via Twitter), AmiAmi (via Twitter)
Images courtesy of WHL4U, GSC, Phat!, Kotobukiya, Aquamarine, Hobby Japan, AmiAmi

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