‘Dimension Drive’ Coming To Nintendo Switch This Fall

2Awesome Studio’s screen-switching Shoot-Em-Up finds itself on the most logical platform imaginable- the Nintendo Switch.

Dimension Drive first appeared as a crowdfunding project from developer 2Awesome Studio back in Summer 2015. Starring the pilot and AI duo of Jackelyne “Jack” Tywood and V.E.R.A, players wage war against the “Ashajul” race across multiple dimensions; the inter-dimensional battle is depicted in-game as two side-by-side vertically-scrolling Shmup stages, with players frantically warping back-and-forth to solve puzzles, escape unavoidable attacks and maneuver around large obstacles. Those looking for a purely chaotic experience, Dimension Drive also supports local shared-screen co-op- “shared” in the idea that both players use both sides of the screen.

Yesterday morning, 2Awesome Studio revealed the future console home of Dimension Drive– the Nintendo Switch. Players will have the option to play the game docked, in handheld mode with the Joy-Con controllers attached, or in tablet mode with the individual Joy-Cons; akin to it’s PC counterpart, players can fight the Ashajul forces together in couch co-op using both Joy-Cons and a single tablet. According to a comment made by the developers regarding the official trailer on YouTube, the Nintendo Switch release will utilize the majority of the console’s features, excluding motion-controls.

Dimension Drive is currently available for PC/Mac/Linux as a Steam Early Access title, however the full game and its Nintendo Switch counterpart are expected to release this Fall; the Switch release will be limited to digital distribution via the Nintendo eShop. Those in attendance at Gamescom 2017 may have the chance to experience the Switch version prior to release, as Dimension Drive is a featured title in the Indie Arena Booth.

Source: 2Awesome Studio
Image courtesy of 2Awesome Studio

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