Nintendo Confirms Over 20 Indie Titles For Nintendo Switch

Celestial elephants, battling corgis, and the return of Santa Destroy’s top-ranked Assassin are some of the many surprises in store for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo kicked off their PAX West presence with their Summer showcase of future Indie games. Internally dubbed “Nindies“, the Nintendo Switch is soon to be home to over 20 Indie games, ranging from single-developer projects to the highly-anticipated returns of fan-favorite properties. Today’s official 22min. showcase featured just a handful of Indie games in the Switch’s release queue, but a whopping 26 have been confirmed to release over the next several months. Some of today’s highlights include Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Morphies Law, Wulverblade and the crowdfunded Battle Chef Brigade and Dimension Drive; fans of Team Meat and Suda51 will also be pleased with the debut trailers of Super Meat Boy Forever and Travis Strikes Again [No More Heroes]. Today’s confirmed titles are listed below in order of release date or window:

  • Dimension Drive (2Awesome Studio), Fall 2017
  • Super Beat Sports (Harmonix), Fall 2017 (Beat Sports currently available for iOS/Apple TV)
  • Floor Kids (Hololabs), Holiday 2017
  • Poly Bridge (Dry Cactus), Holiday 2017 (Currently available for PC, iOS)
  • Battle Chef Brigade (Trinket Studios), Holiday 2017
  • Dragon Marked For Death (Inti Creates), Winter 2017
  • Morphies Law (Cosmoscope), Winter 2017
  • Nine Parchments (Frozenbyte), Late 2017
  • Mom Hid My Game (hap Inc.), Late 2017
  • Dandara (Long Hat House), “Coming Soon”
  • Lost Sphear (Tokyo RPG Factory), 1/23/2018
  • Mulaka (Lienzo), Early 2018
  • Light Fingers (Numizmatic Games Corporation), 2018
  • Runner3 (Choice Provisions), 2018
  • Super Meat Boy Forever (Team Meat), 2018
  • Travis Strikes Again [No More Heroes] (Grasshopper Manufacture), 2018

The Nintendo Switch is available for $299.99, but for those interested in jumping into one of Nintendo’s most popular multiplayer titles, Wal-Mart will begin selling a $379.99 Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch bundle next week, containing Splatoon 2, special lime-green and magenta Joy-Con controllers, a Splatoon 2 console carrying case, and the standard console/tablet dock and Joy-Con accessories.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Grasshopper Manufacture, Marvelous

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