‘Overwatch’ “Tracer” Character Statue Available For Pre-Order

While the announcement may have come less than a month ago, Overwatch is already getting its first piece of memorabilia with a new character statue from Blizzard Collectibles.

Blizzard shocked fans during BlizzCon 2014 with the announcement of Overwatch, a class-based FPS due to release hopefully next year. Overwatch currently has two confirmed modes, in the form of Payload and Point Capture. Much like their Team Fortress 2 counterparts, Payload has one team defending a cart as it slowly moves towards a checkpoint, while Point Capture features both teams fighting for control over a series of locations on each map. The stylized shooter contains 12 different characters, each with his/her own unique perks, including the likes of a reaper that can target multiple enemies at once, and a robot that can transform into a stationary turret.

Overwatch may have been announced just last weekend, but already one of its characters is getting her own statue treatment. “Tracer”, highlighted in the debut cinematic trailer, will have her own character statue courtesy of Blizzard Collectibles. The first statue from Blizzard’s in-house collectible division, each Tracer statue is sculpted from polystone by Senior Sculptor Brian Fay, and painted by Blizzard Senior Illustrator Laurel Austin. The 10.5″ tall statue depicts Tracer mid-pose using her gravity and time-altering ability, and features an illuminated base with the Overwatch logo:

Those who are interested can pre-order the Tracer statue through Blizzard: Pre-orders require a $15 deposit, with the remaining total to be deducted upon shipping- full price is $150, with $15 due up front. The Overwatch Tracer statue is expected to ship in February 2015. An official release window has not been scheduled, but the Overwatch Beta is scheduled to take place sometime in 2015. Hopeful fans can register for the Beta through

Source: Blizzard 
Images courtesy of Blizzard, Blizzard Collectibles

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