‘Overwatch’ Trademark Application Suspended Due To Pre-Existing Claim And Competition

The announcement of Blizzard’s new team-based FPS may have turned heads last year, but the developer may have to change the name; not only does a trademark for “Overwatch” already exist, but a mobile developer is currently fighting for their own “Overwatch” app.

Overwatch was announced during BlizzCon 2014 as Blizzard’s first brand-new IP in several years. The team-based shooter features a plethora of classes each with his or her own personality, ranging from the walking turret Bastion, to the nimble and time-bending Tracer. Blizzard fans were shown both a cinematic reveal trailer and a gameplay trailer at the event; class-specific overview videos have been released on the official Overwatch YouTube channel.

According to USTPO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) documents released by a NeoGaf user, Blizzard attempted to secure a trademark for “Overwatch” back in July 2014. However, Blizzard’s application has since been suspended “because of a likelihood of confusion with that registered mark”. Mobile app developer Innovis Labs is currently developing an app titled “Overwatch”, which is intended to “enhance airsoft, paintball and first-person shooter gameplay elements”. According to the USPTO database, the Innovis trademark application for “Overwatch” has also been suspended.

Blizzard plans on holding a Beta event for Overwatch later this year, though a launch window has not been scheduled. Collectors and eager fans of the new IP also have the option of pre-ordering a collectible “Tracer” statue, courtesy of Blizzard Collectibles.

Sources: NeoGAF, USPTO
Image courtesy of Blizzard

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