New ‘Overwatch’ Footage Shows “Zarya” And “McCree” In Action

New gameplay vignettes are now available for Overwatch‘s latest additions, Zarya and McCree.

To the surprise of many, Blizzard revealed their upcoming class-based shooter Overwatch during BlizzCon 2014. The title features a wide variety of characters, including the time-bending Tracer, the dwarven blacksmith Torbjorn, and the angelic healer Mercy. Blizzard revealed two more characters for Overwatch during PAX East 2015, with Zarya and McCree.

Zarya takes the role of the “heavy” unit, as she wields a massive plasma cannon, and can take considerable damage before she falls in battle. Her cannon can emit a massive energy laser, and fire projectile volleys as an alternate attack. Like the sledgehammer-equipped Reinhardt, Zarya can activate a proton shield around her, briefly nullifying damage from projectiles; she can also summon a shield around other characters.

McCree is Overwatch‘s western-themed “gunslinger”, toting a Clint Eastwood-inspired poncho and revolver. McCree can perform a combat roll to dodge oncoming attacks, and fire his gun in both single shots and a six-shot burst. The gunslinger can slow down time and mark multiple targets for instant-kill head-shots; a similar example can be found with Nisha’s special ability in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

A release date has not been scheduled, however Blizzard has revealed that the Overwatch Beta will occur this Fall.

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