Blizzard Releases More ‘Overwatch’ Gameplay Footage

Blizzard’s rush of Overwatch footage continues to flow, as new gameplay videos show three more characters  in the heat of battle.

Revealed during Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon event, Overwatch is the developer’s first leap into the FPS genre. Taking cues from the likes of Team Fortress 2 and Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare, the PC-exclusive title features character-based classes, each with a completely unique style of gameplay. Two team-VS-team modes have been confirmed for Overwatch; “Payload” and “Point Capture”.

Over the past few months, Blizzard has been releasing a constant flood of Overwatch footage, ranging from character-ability vignettes, to full matches played in-house. Previous videos have shown new stages, and full-length matches with Tracer, Mercy, Zenyatta, Zarya and McCree. The latest batch of Overwatch videos highlight the proxy-device expert Symmetra, the double-shotgun wielding Reaper, and the dwarven engineer Torbjorn:

A release date has not been announced, however interested fans of Overwatch can sign up for the Overwatch Beta, set for later this year. A account is required for registration.

Source: Blizzard
Image courtesy of Blizzard

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