‘Overwatch’ Gameplay Highlights “Reinhardt” And “Pharah”

The latest Overwatch videos show some of the most conflicting gameplay styles, with the defensive tank Reinhardt and the airborne fury of Pharah.

The developer of the StarCraft and Diablo franchises, Blizzard is showing off their new IP Overwatch through a string of gameplay matches performed in-house. Short character vignettes highlighting the various abilities of each class have been previously available to watch, however the new flood of videos provide fans with actual real-time gameplay captured in 1080p at 60fps.

The two latest videos showcase very contrasting gameplay styles, with Reinhardt and Pharah. Reinhardt is one of Overwatch‘s two “tank” characters, acting as a walking line of defense for the team. The giant mechanical knight is capable of emitting an energy shield, with the cool-down rate decreasing with taken damage. Reinhardt’s hammer can stun all foes within a certain range, allowing him to charge in and pin enemies to walls. While his movement speed may be a setback for some players, Reinhardt’s hammer can also fire cool-down based projectiles at enemies just outside his range.

Pharah is the second aerial character following Mercy, Overwatch‘s “Medic” class. Armed with rockets, mines, and a barrage of missiles, Pharah can launch herself into the skies for an onslaught of flight-based damage. Mobile as she is, her air-time is limited by a fuel gauge noted in the center of the screen. Both characters along with the Payload maps “King’s Row” and “Watchpoint: Gibraltar” can be seen below:

A release date has not been revealed, however Blizzard will host an Overwatch Beta later this year. Overwatch will release exclusively for PC.

Source: Blizzard
Image courtesy of Blizzard

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