‘Street Fighter V’ Trailer And Screenshots Reveal New Gameplay Mechanics

The characters may be familiar, but the latest Street Fighter V trailer shows off new gameplay features coming to the PS4/PC-exclusive Fighter.

One of the grandfathers of the fighting game industry, the Street Fighter franchise continues to innovate over the course of its quarter-century legacy. Following Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike‘s “Parry” system, and Street Fighter IV‘s “FADC- Focus Attack-Dash Cancel” mechanic, Street Fighter V is adding yet another new mechanic to the series, with the “V-System”.

Making its debut in Street Fighter V, the “V-Gauge” sits just above the player’s EX Meter. This segmented meter represents a separate set of character-specific moves; “V-Skill” abilities add to the V-Gauge and are unique to each character, “V-Reversals” require one stock of the V-Gauge to perform a counterattack, “V-Trigger” abilities are character-specific and require a full V-Gauge to perform. As featured near the end of the trailer, “Critical Arts” are Street Fighter V‘s new versions of the “Ultra Combo”:

While it’s only shown briefly, a variation of the Parry system from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is featured within SFV‘s new mechanics.

A release date has not been scheduled, however more details regarding Street Fighter V are expected to be announced during E3 2015. Street Fighter V will release exclusively to the PS4 and PC.

Source: Capcom (via Maximilian_Dood)
Images courtesy of Capcom

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