‘LET IT DIE’ Now Available For PS4

The free-to-play title from GungHo and Grasshopper is now available to download on PSN.

A surprise twist for many, LET IT DIE is now available for the PS4 via PSN. Announced as a free-to-play title just over two years ago, the title is the fittingly-bizarre child of GungHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture rife with Suda51’s imagery and attitude.

Players take hold of a random “hero” and wreak havoc in twisted post-apocalyptic Southwest Tokyo; freak earthquakes not just threw the world into chaos, but also resulted in the severance of South Tokyo into its own island partnered with a giant cloud-piercing ┬áspire. Players entire the spire in nothing but their underwear, forced to survive by whatever brutal means necessary, all under the watchful guise of marquee character Uncle Death. One of the more intriguing mechanics held over from its conceptual form- Lily Bergamo– when players die, their customized character becomes an enemy in-game, threatening other online players around the world.

LET IT DIE is now available exclusively for the PS4.

Source: Sony
Image courtesy of Grasshopper Manufacture, GungHo Online Entertainment

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