‘Musou Stars’ Debut Trailer Revealed, Coming To Sony Consoles Next March

Koei Tecmo’s Warriors series is getting even more experimental with the upcoming Musou Stars cross-over game.

The Warriors (“Musou” in Japan) franchise is one of Koei Tecmo’s longest running properties, with continuous installments stretching across three console generations. What began as a tactical-action oriented take on the lore of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (i.e. Dynasty Warriors), the Musou games birthed¬†the spin-off Samurai Warriors saga, and have overflown into the worlds of Gundam, Zelda and recently Berserk.

Koei Tecmo announced yet another brand new Warriors/Musou spin-off back in early September, prior to the release of the upcoming Berserk Musou. Titled Musou Stars, the upcoming game brings characters from across the Koei Tecmo brand into the hack-and-slash Musou world. An official trailer was released directly through Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force, though additional gameplay was shown through NicoNico.

The footage is presented entirely in Japanese, however gamers can get a feel for the jarringly upbeat attitude of Musou Stars compared to other installments; the colorful UI of the main game, tactical map and story mode cutscenes are reminiscent of the latter Persona games. A full roster has not been revealed, but watchful viewers will spot characters from Ninja Gaiden, Samurai Warriors, Dead or Alive, Deception/Kagero, Atelier and Toukiden.

Musou Stars will release in Japan on 3/2 exclusively for the PS4 and PS Vita. PS4 Pro and PS TV features and compatibility have not been confirmed.

Source: Koei Tecmo
Images courtesy of Omega Force, Koei Tecmo

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