New ‘Senran Kagura: Beach Beach Splash’ Details And Screenshots Released

The latest on the upcoming Senran Kagura shooter is here courtesy of Marvelous Entertainment.

Senran Kagura: Beach Beach Splash takes the popular action series in yet another new direction, this time into the realm of competitive shooters. Set against the backdrop of an island vacation, the ninja schoolgirls are forced to compete in a water-sports event for superiority. Despite its origins as a side-scrolling and open-3D fast-paced action series, the Senran Kagura franchise previously dabbled in the Card and Rhythm/Cooking genres, with the latter example recently receiving a PC version on Steam.

Earlier today, Peach Beach Splash publisher Marvelous released a new batch of screenshots and details regarding the PS4-exclusive team-based Senran Kagura shooter. Players will have access to five types of water-guns- Assault Rifles, Shotguns, [Balloon] Grenade Launchers, Gatling Guns and [Bottle] Rocket Launchers- each of which can be leveled-up for more powerful variations; each water gun consumes water at a different rate, which improves with weapon-level. A roster of 30 characters from the Nintendo and Sony titles, and the mobile game New Wave will be available at launch, with more coming as DLC. As with each weapon type, every character can be leveled-up to earn extra character-specific abilities. Senran Kagura‘s excessive character-customization will return, allowing each character’s clothing and hair to be custom-picked; costumes are all susceptible to real-time damage and water effects. For the screenshot enthusiasts, Peach Beach Splash will include a photo-centric Diorama Mode where characters can be manually posed within preset environments.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash and its Limited Editions are currently scheduled to release exclusively for the PS4 with support for PlayStation VR in Japan on 3/16. A North American version has not been confirmed, however the majority of Senran Kagura titles have seen localized releases under publishers XSEED and PQube.

Source: Marvelous Entertainment
Images courtesy of Marvelous Entertainment


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