‘Super Mario Run’ Android Pre-Registration Now Live

Just weeks after the official iOS launch, Android users can sign-up for a free Super Mario Run demo at launch via Google Play.

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s third venture into the mobile gaming market after the joint project Pokemon GO with Niantic and The Pokemon Company, and the online social community Miitomo. As one would expect from the title, Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s take on the “Endless Runner” genre infused with gameplay mechanics from the New Super Mario Bros. titles (i.e. New, U, Luigi), including wall-jumps, super-jumping, ground-pounding and more. Players must tap their way through six areas of the Mushroom Kingdom, however Super Mario Run includes hidden coins used to unlock more levels and content for the “Toad Rally” and “Kingdom Builder” modes.

Android users can now find an official Super Mario Run listing within the Google Play store. Those who pre-register will gain access to a free-to-try demo of the game once it goes live; akin to the iOS demo, players will have the ability to try the main World Tour mode, the H-O-R-S-E-inspired Toad Rally online competitive mode, and the level-building Kingdom Builder option.

An official release date has not been scheduled, but Android users can purchase the full version for $9.99 once Super Mario Run goes live on Google Play.

Source: Google Play
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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