‘Super Mario Run’ Launches On Google Play This March

The long-awaited Android release of Nintendo’s Endless-Runner is just two months away.

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s third venture into the mobile gaming market, following the experimental social platform Miitomo and the Niantic-developed Pokemon GO. Nintendo’s personal take on the popular Endless-Runner genre, Super Mario Run stars the titular plumber in a race to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser- essentially the plot to the majority of Mario titles. Super Mario Run distances itself from other games within the genre by implementing mechanics from its console counterparts, specifically the New Super Mario Bros. games; levels can only be completed by using Mario’s abilities to spin and wall-jump between obstacles. Each level also contains colored Coin challenges that unlock bonuses for the “Toad Rally” and “Kingdom Builder” modes upon completion.

iOS users have been playing Super Mario Run for just over a month, however Android users are still waiting to get their hands on Nintendo’s popular mobile game. Fortunately, Nintendo recently announced via their Japanese Twitter account that Super Mario Run will officially release on Google Play this March. The game is currently listed on the Google Play store with users having the option to pre-register for a demo at launch, however a definitive release date has not been scheduled.

A concrete date has yet to be revealed, but Android users can start downloading the free demo of Super Mario Run in March; the full version will cost $14.99.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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