‘Dead Rising 4’ Free DLC Coming Tomorrow, German Release This Tuesday

New costumes, difficulty settings, bug fixes and a German version are all scheduled to release this week for Dead Rising 4.

Not to be confused with the HD upgrade of the original Dead Rising, Dead Rising 4 is a complete remake of the first title for Xbox One and PC. The re-imagined take on Dead Rising sees photographer Frank West once again trapped at the Willamette Mall during the Christmas shopping season, this time with new weapons, areas to explore and the debut of West’s new EXO-suit armor. Dead Rising 4 also takes a page from Dead Rising 3, allowing players to construct bizarre vehicles to aid in their zombie-slaughtering ways.

Dead Rising 4 Executive Producer Bryce Cochrane recently revealed a new DLC pack for Dead Rising 4, scheduled to release tomorrow morning as a free download. The extra content includes five new Street Fighter costumes (Zangief, Cammy and Guile shown above) and two additional difficulty modes; both modes will increase damage dealt by zombies and other enemy types, and decrease weapon durability and health gained from items.

Starting on Tuesday Jan. 31, German Xbox One and PC players will finally be able to purchase Dead Rising 4 via retail, Xbox Live or the Windows 10 Store; for those who purchase Dead Rising 4 through the Windows 10 Store, the title is not a cross-buy title for Xbox One. Capcom will also enable a 60 min. trial version for the Xbox One version for anyone who wishes to try Dead Rising 4 before making a final purchase; all modes and Achievements are available in the trial version, and will transfer to the full game upon purchase.

Dead Rising 4 is available for Xbox One and PC.

Source: Capcom Unity
Image courtesy of Capcom

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