‘Injustice 2’ Gameplay Trailer Reveals “Dr. Fate”

One of DC’s oldest sorcerers just moved from cameo to playable fighter status for the upcoming Injustice 2.

Earlier today, Netherrealm Studios and WB Games released a brand new gameplay trailer for Injustice 2, this time featuring new fighter Dr. Fate. Depending on the point of reference within the DC universe, Dr. Fate is either a title passed through a lineage of characters, a hired smuggler, a hero simultaneously controlled by multiple souls, the widow of a deceased Dr. Fate, or most recently an Egyptian-American medical student.

Though he and the Tower of Fate are limited to cameos within Injustice: Gods Among Us and the companion comic, Dr. Fate and all of his spectral abilities are in full-force in the new gameplay trailer below. Portrayed by character Kent Nelson in Injustice 2, the masked sorcerer wields an Ankh in battle and possesses the abilities of super-strength, telekinesis, elemental manipulation and more; the Ankh itself also acts as a portal into a pocket-dimension containing the souls of previous Dr. Fates.

Injustice 2 will release for the Xbox One and PS4 on 5/16.

Source: Netherrealm Studios
Image courtesy of Netherrealm Studios, WB Games, DC Comics

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