‘Killer Instinct’ “Shin Hisako” Teased, Coming This Month

Killer Instinct‘s haunting ghost-girl lives to fight again as the upcoming DLC character “Shin Hisako”.

Three “Seasons” later, Killer Instinct is still one of the most popular fighting games of the current gaming generation. The original cast of fighters from the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 days have since joined a plethora of newcomers in an epic fight against the Ultratech Corporation and demons from beyond reality; KI: Season 3 brought even more new characters into the franchise, including cross-over fighters from Battletoads, Halo and Gears of War.

Following Shadow Jago and Kilgore, developer Iron Galaxy recently teased Shin Hisako, the third “alternate” character for Killer Instinct: Season 3. Now released from her ethereal form, Shin Hisako wields a katana as opposed to her ghostly naginata, and is said to fight with a style based on traditional samurai combat.

The full reveal will arrive during the KI World Cup next weekend in San Antonio, TX, followed by her official release later this month. Killer Instinct is available for the Xbox One and PC via the Windows 10 Store as a cross-buy/cross-save title.

Source: Iron Galaxy (via Twitter)
Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy, Microsoft

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