‘Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite’ Trailer Brings New Characters Into The Action

Seven new characters steal the spotlight in the latest gameplay trailer for Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite.

Earlier this week, Capcom unveiled the debut story trailer for Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite. The fourth clash of comic and video game icons is brought forth when villains Ultron and Sigma merge together upon gathering the Infinity Stones; under the admittedly unimaginative guise of “Ultron Sigma”, the new threat is poised on dragging the heroes of both universes into a new dimension of chaos and evil.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted eight new characters in this week’s story trailer, however Capcom has since released yet another trailer, this time highlighting them in actual gameplay- minus Rocket Raccoon. The shown teams include Chun-Li and Hulk, Strider Hiryu and Thor, Chris Redfield and Hawkeye, and Ultron paired again with Thor; the “Space” Infinity Stone’s powers are also on display, allowing its user to trap his or her opponent within a box on the stage.

Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 9/19.

Source: Capcom
Image courtesy of Capcom

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