‘ARMS’ “Global Testpunch” Begins This Friday

Seven characters will be ready to fight when the ARMS open Beta goes live this Friday.

Announced earlier this year during the Nintendo Switch Direct, ARMS is Nintendo’s first brand-new Fighter for the home console/handheld hybrid system. Players control one of ten eccentric characters in heated long-range boxing matches. Though each of the unique fighters includes his or her own offensive quirks, players have the option of selecting individual¬†gloves for each hand, allowing for projectile attacks, homing punches, wide-arching hooks that reach behind environmental cover, and a plethora of other techniques.

During the recent ARMS Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that the upcoming fighting game¬†would be the next title to receive an open Beta test, dubbed the “ARMS Global Testpunch”. The presentation gave Nintendo fans a look at yet another batch of new characters, however only seven will be available for the beta test this weekend, confirmed by the official Japanese Twitter account:

  • Spring Man
  • Ribbon Girl
  • Ninjara
  • Master Mummy
  • Mechanica
  • Min Min
  • Helix (“DNA Man” in Japan)

Newcomers Twintelle, Kid Cobra and the pair of Byte & Barq will not be included in this weekend’s beta test, but can be seen in action below.

The ARMS Global Testpunch will last considerably longer than Nintendo’s previous beta test for Splatoon 2, taking place over the next two weekends, however each listed session will last for just one hour each. Please note that North America will have two additional days of testing over the rest of the world:

Friday, 5/26 (North America only):

  • 5:00pm PT

Saturday, 5/27:

  • 5:00am PT
  • 11:00am PT
  • 5:00pm PT

Sunday, 5/28:

  • 5:00am PT
  • 11:00am PT

Friday, 6/2 (North America only):

  • 5:00am PT

Saturday, 6/3:

  • 5:00am PT
  • 11:00am PT
  • 5:00pm PT

Sunday, 6/4:

  • 5:00am PT
  • 11:00am PT

ARMS will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on 6/17.

Source: Nintendo (via Twitter)
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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