‘ARMS’ Coming This June, New Gameplay Features And Character Revealed

Nintendo’s action-packed Punch-Out! successor comes to the Nintendo Switch just in time for Summer.

The Nintendo Switch is about to get its first big 3D Fighter with ARMS, scheduled to arrive worldwide this Summer. First shown during the Switch’s Nintendo Direct presentation, ARMS has players going head-to-head in futuristic boxing matches. The upcoming Switch-exclusive Fighter deviates from traditional boxing games, allowing players to throw long-range punches and use a plethora of projectile and elemental attacks.

ARMS developer and publisher Nintendo recently showcased more of the title as part of a series of new Direct episodes shown this week. Several gameplay mechanics were already presented through a Japanese trailer from earlier this year, however yesterday’s episode gave Nintendo fans a quick look at additional features including the in-game store and a new character. Players earn in-game currency with every match and bonus game in the “ARMS League”, used for purchasing new gloves/arms in the “Get ARMS Service” item store. As previously revealed in the Japanese trailer, each arm features its own unique attack style and elemental bonus.

Yesterday’s ARMS Direct marked the reveal of a new playable fighter, ramen-enthusiast Minmin. The “Ramen Bomber” uses a dragon-fist and “Ram-Ram” ring-blade as her standard gloves; despite being a slow attack, the dragon can be charged-up for a powerful laser blast. Minmin is also the first character thus far to have a kick attack; akin to Spring Man, her kicks can deflect enemy projectiles.

ARMS will feature both one-on-one and 2-on-2 battle modes, but Nintendo has not confirmed if two players can use the same console. Motion controls may be the most exciting way to play against other fighters, though players will have the option to use the Joy-Cons as “normal” controllers, as a combined controller in the Joy-Con Controller station/dock, or play using the Pro controller.

ARMS will release for the Nintendo Switch on 6/16.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Nintendo


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