‘ARMS’ Trailers Feature Characters And Gameplay Mechanics

New Japanese trailers for Nintendo’s eccentric boxing game give players a look at the five combatants and their techniques.

ARMS made its worldwide premiere during Nintendo’s official Nintendo Switch presentation last month. What could easily be considered to be the spiritual evolution of the classic Punch-Out! series, ARMS allows two players to go head-to-head in long-range high-action boxing matches. The title supports the new Switch Controller Pro, but for those wanting more immersion- and a moderate workout- ARMS can be played via motion controls using a Joy-Con controller in each hand.

The official YouTube channel of Nintendo’s Japanese division recently uploaded two new ARMS gameplay trailers demonstrating the six attack styles and five playable characters. Each character features a default attack style, though players are free to switch the properties of either arm before a match:

“Fire Punch” will light opponents on fire, resulting in a few extra seconds of lingering damage; the “Thunder Punch” will stun and disable enemies for a few seconds with a charged strike; though every character can perform a hook with either arm, the “Boomerang Punch” extends the range of the attack, and can even hit the opponent from behind cover; the “Revolver Punch” fires a volley of three punches, but opponents can negate the attack with a properly-timed counter; dubbed the “Salamander Punch”, these high-tech gloves will stun the opponent’s arms when a hit connects, with a charged strike resulting in a guaranteed knockdown; “Big Punch” is the slowest of the six techniques, but charged shots cannot be blocked or parried.

ARMS will have five playable characters at launch, each of whom are equipped by default with one of the six previously mentioned techniques: Spring Man (Fire) can parry attacks, but a failed attempt results in double-damage; Ribbon Girl (Thunder) can double-jump, triple-jump with a well-timed air-dash, and super-jump to avoid attacks; Ninjara (Boomerang) can phantom-dash to avoid attacks and teleport directly to his opponent; Master Mummy (Big) is a slow “Tank” character, however the brute can regenerate health and cannot be stunned by normal attacks; courtesy of her jetpack-powered suit, Mechanica (Revolver) possesses the ability to hover and air-dash longer than the other characters.

ARMS has no official release date, however it was present on the EVO 2017 fan-voted game roster, suggesting the title could release within the next 3 months for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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