Nintendo Reveals Two New IPs For Nintendo Switch

Two brand new multiplayer games from Nintendo are coming to the Nintendo Switch this Spring.

Nintendo gave the world an extended look at their upcoming console- the Nintendo Switch– with a live broadcast held last night/this morning in Japan. Available to pre-order for $299.99, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid home console and handheld designed to let players take a full home console game on the road at a moment’s notice. The main controller is actually two smaller units titled “Joy-Con Controllers” housed in a single grip; both Joy-Cons include a full SNES-style interface with an analog stick, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons and either a Home Button or Capture Button depending on whether the player is using the left or right controller; both include a built-in NFC reader for Amiibos and accelerometers and gyro-sensors for motion-controls, but the right Joy-Con also comes equipped with a motion-IR camera. The tablet itself features a touch-screen, USB Type-C port, and WiFi connectivity allowing up to 8 Nintendo Switch tablets to link for local or online multiplayer.

Switch owners will have access to a multitude of games within the launch window, starting with the brand new multiplayer game from Nintendo,¬†1-2 Switch. A local two-player game designed to showcase the capabilities of the Joy-Con controllers, 1-2 Switch is an ARG (“augmented reality game”) of sorts where the action takes place between the two players themselves. The title is actually a collection of mini-games similar to the WarioWare series; each mini-game has two players going head-to-head in gesture-based competitions, with the chosen game and win-lose statistics shown on the screen.

Coming later this Spring is ARMS, a fast-paced motion-control fighting/shooter game. Players control their characters by tilting and punching with both Joy-Cons- one in each hand. A straight jab can be shot by pressing the larger outside shoulder button with the thumb; players can execute a hook if they tilt the controller while pressing the outside shoulder button; tilting both Joy-Cons will cause the character to dash to either side. ARMS can be played against a CPU opponent, via two-player split-screen with four Joy-Cons, or on two Nintendo Switch tablets through local WiFi multiplayer; an online versus mode will be added into the game on a latter date.

1-2 Switch will release alongside the Nintendo Switch on 3/3, however ARMS will release on a latter date sometime this Spring. The Nintendo Switch is currently available to pre-order through various retailers for $299.99.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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