‘Splatoon 2’ Announced, Coming This Summer

The squid-kids return for more paint-based mayhem in Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo surprised its audience during E3 2014 with the debut of Splatoon, a brand new team-based shooter for the Wii U. The competitive shooter distanced itself from the rest of the genre thanks to its use of vibrant colors in both visual theme and gameplay; players compete for map control by covering as much land as possible in their team’s paint- or in the case of the “Inklings”, ink. Not only is the winner determined by how much ink is on the ground at the end of the match, but the vibrant paint also provides temporary cover, as the characters can dive into and freely move about in their team’s ink pools for temporary safety and to regenerate ammo. Splatoon‘s bizarre motion-control aiming mechanics distanced some of the Wii U’s audience, however the title still sustains an incredibly active community 19 after its release due to a stream of updates, DLC and timed community events.

Splatoon was rumored to receive an updated Nintendo Switch version by many fans, however this morning Nintendo officially announced Splatoon 2, a complete sequel for the upcoming console. The sequel picks up some time after the first game, with the Inklings once again waging 4-on-4 Turf War battles equipped with new special weapons that include rifles, rocket launchers and even a massive storm cloud. Players have a plethora of control schemes courtesy of the Nintendo Switch’s versatile modes; Splatoon 2 will let players use the Joy-Con controllers in the grip, with a Switch Pro Controller, or in Handheld Mode. Regardless of the control style, Splatoon 2 will also let players use the previous motion-control settings found in the original Wii U game. Once the Nintendo Switch Online Service goes live, players can go head-to-head online or in local multiplayer over a WiFi connection.

Splatoon 2 will release sometime this Summer for the Nintendo Switch. As with Splatoon for the Wii U, Nintendo has plans for future DLC and timed community events and competitions.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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