‘ARMS’ Trailer Reveals New Character “Helix”

The latest gameplay trailer for ARMS highlights its gooey seventh fighter, Helix.

ARMS made its public debut during the Nintendo Switch world reveal presentation. The first 3D fighting game for Nintendo’s new home console/handheld hybrid, ARMS includes an imaginative cast of fighters engaged in futuristic long-range boxing. Each combatant has his or her own unique list of skills, but players can advance their fighter’s abilities even further upon equipping them with¬†weapons for both hands. Players can fight in one-on-one and team matches using a traditional controller-based control scheme, or go for a more “involved” approach with the Joy-Con controllers and fight using motion controls.

Following the recent reveal of ramen-girl Minmin, Nintendo released a new ARMS trailer just an hour ago announcing a seventh new character, Helix. A project of ARMS Laboratories, Inc, Helix is a sentient blob of slime with over-sized strands of DNA for arms. The stretchy boxer can use his boneless frame to quickly dodge strikes, stretch across the arena, and shrink to crouch under oncoming punches.

ARMS will release for the Nintendo Switch on 6/16.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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