‘Far Cry 5’ Brings Religious Horror To The United States

The next Far Cry tackles the horror of confronting a religious cult in the Great Plains region of Montana.

The Far Cry saga from Ubisoft and formerly Crytek is known for throwing players into uncanny situations within exotic locations; past installments featured such backdrops as central Europe, Africa, the Himalayas, Micronesia and an “80’s VHS vision of the future”- assuming Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon┬ácounts. Earlier today, Ubisoft released a series of trailers announcing the next chapter of the franchise, Far Cry 5.

Set to launch in February 2018, Far Cry 5 will take gamers not to an overgrown forest or harsh mountain landscape, but to the open world of Montana’s “Big Sky Country” in the Great Plains region. Players will find themselves scrambling to survive against the rule of Eden’s Gate, a group of religious fanatics controlling the town of Hope County, MT. Led by Father Joseph Seed and followers Jacob, John and Faith, Eden’s Gate believes every soul must be saved, even if it means through violence and torture.

The player isn’t the only one at odds with the twisted religion of Hope County; as he or she explores the Big Sky Country, the player will encounter various characters that could potentially be recruited as permanent allies. Three of these potential team members and their previous run-ins with Eden’s Gate are shown in today’s new Far Cry 5 trailers; a beaten former minister of Hope County- Pastor Jerome Jeffries, the war-pilot’s son now at war with the cult- Nick Rye, and the last surviving member of her family after Eden’s Gate attacked their bar- Mary May.

Far Cry 5 is currently scheduled to release on 2/27/2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. More details will be revealed during Ubisoft’s official E3 2017 presentation.

Source: Ubisoft (via PlayStation Blog)
Image courtesy of Ubisoft

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