‘Earth Defense Force 5’ Trailer Follows Daily Life Of EDF Soldiers

Tag along with a field reporter as she learns more about the EDF and their upgraded weapons of insect annihilation.

Earth Defense Force began as a part of D3’s “Simple Series”, a slew of mass-published games developed on an extremely tight budget; EDF and the zombie-slaying guilty pleasure Onechanbara are the most popular survivors of the time, still seeing new releases on the current generation of consoles and PC. The franchise sees a rag-tag organization of militarized volunteers protecting the Earth from an alien invasion; giant insects have been the primary threat of the Earth Defense Force games, but later installments expanded the enemy armies to include titanic mechs, dragons, and screen-filling alien motherships.

A North American release has yet to be confirmed, however EDF will return to Japan this Summer with Earth Defense Force 5 for the PS4. The latest trailer relishes in the quirky humor of the franchise, as the video focuses on a reporter interviewing various members of the EDF during their missions. D3 recently re-released the trailer with English subtitles for overseas audiences:

Solider classes “Ranger” and “Air Raider” steal the majority of the trailer, but longtime EDF fans can still see several new items in action, including a deployable motorbike, gunship, and two new mech-suits designed for street-level and underground use; the Air Raider’s “Air Strike” ability has been enhanced with a camera pull, allowing players to see the full strike-zone in real-time; as shown in the comical stinger, the fifth installment will also bring massive pillbugs- or “Rollers”- into the already chaotic war between humans and insects.

Earth Defense Force 5 will release for the PS4 in Japan this Summer; an official release date has not been set.

Source: D3 Publisher
Image courtesy of D3 Publisher

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