‘Attack On Titan: Future Coordinates’ Revealed, Coming To Japan This Year

Spike Chunsoft gives Attack on Titan fans a glimpse of the next handheld iteration of the popular anime and manga franchise.

The globally popular Attack on Titan anime/manga franchise returned in full force with Omega Force’s Attack on Titan on current-gen consoles and PC, and the long-awaited premiere of Season 2, currently streaming online. Apart from many fan-projects, the franchise will see yet another official project this year, but on a much smaller screen; Spike Chunsoft is developing a sequel to their previous 3DS Attack on Titan game, Humanity in Chains.

Revealed yesterday evening, Attack on Titan: Future Coordinates will feature both a single-player “Story Mode” and a new “World Mode” allowing up to four players to defend a player-made base from Titans. As suggested by the brief gameplay video, Story Mode will include elements and cutscenes from the anime’s second season and manga counterparts.

Attack on Titan: Future Coordinates will release for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan later this year; an official release date has not been scheduled, nor has a localized version been confirmed.

Source: Spike Chunsoft
Image courtesy of Spike Chunsoft

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