‘Agents Of MAYHEM’ Adds “Johnny Gat” As Pre-Order DLC

3rd Street Saints badass Johnny Gat trades gang and government fame for the title of “Lieutenant” in Agents of MAHYEM.

Agents of MAYHEM was announced during E3 2016 as the next eccentric project from Saints Row developer Volition. Though not necessarily a new Saints Row game, Agents of MAYHEM is a spin-off based on one of the alternate endings from Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, with Persephone Brimstone and the Ultor Corporation leading “MAYHEM” in a worldwide fight against the antagonistic unit of “LEGION”. Players must select three Agents before dropping into a mission, and can actively swap between them in-game; each Agent possesses his or her own unique gameplay quirks and skill trees, adding an underlying level of strategy behind every bombastic mission.

One more character will be added to the already massive roster of MAYHEM’s Agents, as Volition announced Lieutenant Johnny Gat as a pre-order bonus this morning. Voiced by Daniel Dae Kim, Johnny Gat appears in every Saints Row title as the protagonist’s right-hand man and outrageous action-hero archetype; judging by the trailer below, his Agents of MAYHEM incarnation is no exception, aside from a career change towards law enforcement.

Agents of MAYHEM will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 8/15.

Source: Volition
Image courtesy of Volition

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