New “Bubsy The Bobcat” Game Coming This Fall

Accolade’s wise-cracking bobcat glides into the current gaming generation this Fall.

As evidenced by the recent and upcoming returns of DOOM, Wolfenstein, Shadow Warrior, ToeJam and Earl, Sonic and Shaq-FU, the 90’s are seeing a resurgence in modern gaming- for better or worse. The 1990’s were home not just to some of the most influential titles of gaming’s rich history, but also a brief era of games with “attitude” and mascots to match; competing against Mario and Sonic were the likes of Aero the Acrobat, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman…and Bubsy the Bobcat.

Accolade’s Bubsy the Bobcat received just three games, but these was enough to cement the witty feline as one of gaming’s most infamous failed characters of the 90’s. The first two SNES titles served as…competent exploration-platforming games, however their legacy would be forever tarnished by Bubsy 3D; developed by Eidetc for the PlayStation in 1997, Bubsy 3D in Furbitten Planet is regarded as one of the worst 3D-platformers to release for the original PlayStation due to its garish level design and gameplay.

To the surprise of everyone, the original SNES 2D Bubsy titles made their way to Steam in December 2015 as Bubsy Two-Fur, courtesy of Retroism Games and Accolade. It seems the wise-cracking bobcat isn’t retiring just yet however, as Black Forest Games and Accolade just announced a brand new fourth Bubsy game. Titled Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, the latest entry brings the franchise back to its traditional platforming roots, but with a 3D visual scheme. The pre-E3 2017 teaser trailer below shows the exclamation-mark-wearing Bubsy climbing walls, fighting against the Woolies, land-sharks, and collecting rings via his still-unexplained ability to glide:

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back will release for the PS4 and PC sometime this Fall.

Source: Accolade
Image courtesy of Black Forest Games, Accolade

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