E3 2017: ‘Super Lucky’s Tale’ Revealed With Debut Gameplay

Lucky is ditching the constraints of virtual reality for an even bigger adventure on the Xbox One and PC this November.

Developed by north-Texas studio Playful, Lucky the squirrel made his debut in the Oculus Rift launch gameĀ Lucky’s Tale. The title recaptured the innocence and childish joy of 90’s 3D-platformers, but with the twist of additional VR mechanics where players needed to move themselves to see hidden platforms and collectibles.

Lucky made his large-scale debut before a different audience this afternoon, with the reveal of Super Lucky’s Tale during Microsoft’s E3 2017 presentation. In his second platforming adventure, Lucky must navigate through various levels inspired by classic 3D-platformers to help his sister recover the sacred Book of Ages from the antagonistic Jinx.

Super Lucky’s Tale will release both physically and digitally for the Xbox One and PC on 11/7, with additional Xbox Play Anywhere support and Xbox One X enhancements.

Source: Playful
Image courtesy of Playful

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