E3 2017: ‘Metal Gear Survive’ Delayed To Next Year

Metal Gear Survive is living up to the franchise’s long-running “kept you waiting” joke, as the title will now release in early 2018.

Konami will continue the Metal Gear franchise following the departure of Hideo Kojima and the Kojima Productions team, though fans may not have liked the direction the MGS publisher chose to take; shortly after Konami and Kojima Productions parted ways, Konami released a new Pachislot machine based on Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, complete with cutscenes from the original game remade in the Fox Engine.

Despite rumors of Konami focusing entirely on the casino and gambling market, the company announced Metal Gear Survive last year as a co-op spin-off to Metal Gear Solid V. The multiplayer survival game is set between the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and MGSV: The Phantom Pain, where the remaining soldiers of the original Mother Base are transported into a parallel dimension before its destruction; those who survived the trip are forced to survive with nothing on their backs, and stave off an army of supernatural and undead forces.

Metal Gear Survive was present on the show floor at E3 2017 this week, however Konami failed to release any new information since last year’s announcement. The only new piece of information regarding Survive is its new delay; originally planned for a 2017 release, Konami has pushed the release window “back a few months” into early 2018 to allow the development team to finish polishing the title.

Metal Gear Survive will now release for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime next year.

Source: Konami
Image courtesy of Konami

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